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Our Subbing Process

  • Timing

    Using Aegisub, our timers make sure to keep characters per second (CPS) under control for a better reading experience. Our caption timers use features such as "fade" and "move" to emulate the original captions' feel.

  • Typesetting

    Our typesetters search for the most appropriate fonts to match the Korean captions and match the colors for top-notch aesthetics.

  • Translating

    Our skilled translators have thorough knowledge of the Korean culture, which enables them to provide translations based on correct context.

  • Editing

    Our editors and quality checkers check for spelling errors and any off-sync caption timing to ensure our final product is satisfactory.

  • Encoding & Uploading

    Our encoding process settings minimize video and audio quality loss for a better viewing experience. We upload our videos on various platforms to make sure everyone has access to our videos.

Some statistics from our YouTube channels (As of November 14th, 2017)

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From our supporters

  • RVUS, guardians of the international RV community bringing joy with their translations faster than pizza HD.

  • Red Velvet stans can't live without RVUS. Not all heroes wear capes.

  • Our life saviour. Can't imagine life without subbed RV shows. A team who managed to bring people into our fandom. Thank you so much.

  • "RVUS has become the most integral part of the international RV fandom by bridging the fans to the girls." - Huff n Puff Post

  • Sugar, spice and everything nice! Great and fast translations combined with witty adlibs! We can’t help but smile extra.

  • 번역하느라 고생이 많습니다... 앞으로도 힘내세요!! 항상 응원할게요!

  • 항상 해외팬들을 위해 고생해주셔서 감사합니다!

  • Many thanks to the most resourceful fan project! 레벨이들도 혹 알게 될 날이 온다면 분명 고마워 할거에요

  • 그대들이 있어서 행복합니다

  • 항상 열일 감사합니다 헤헿 화이팅!

  • An awesome group is amplified by awesome fans. ReVelUp Subs is the shining example of it.


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