[ENG] 170802 Red Velvet – Level Up! Project Ep. 1 (TV Ver.)



Download: Google Drive | Mega

Note: This is an edited version of the three pre-release of Oksusu version, not the actual KBS Joy version. However, parts from the KBS Joy version were used to fill in the missing parts that were not in the Oksusu version.

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  • Son Olaf


    • mint mint

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

  • Baephrodite329

    Thank you so much! You all so wonderful! International ReveLuv is happy!

  • N

    lol the girls are so silly i swear, and wendy with that vocabulary tho hahahah

  • Wahyu

    thank you for the hardwork 🙂

  • Ricardo Teodoro

    Thanks for all your hardwork, you’re amazing.
    Love u. 💜

  • Youssef Abaza

    Thanks for your hardwork, this is real professional :)! Thanks! شوكرا ! Ευχαριστώ!

  • SONE_ReVeLuv

    Thank You SO MUCH FOR SUBBING ALL RED VELVETS VIDEOS .. it’ll be helpful for them to be more recognized/known by international fans/reveluvs.. 🙂 (´・ω・`)

  • m h

    thank you so much for the subs, it’s highly appreciated <3

  • kupiet

    thank u so much

  • SM's Backdoor Entry

    wait so what they are doing is airing like 3-4 eps on oksusu, and then combining all of them into 1 ep on kbs joy?

    • seulgisolomon

      Yup, they come in triplets. Oksusu Ep. 1, 2, and 3 = KBS Joy Ep.1; Oksusu Ep. 3, 4, and 5 = KBS Joy Ep. 2

      • Son Olaf

        I have a question. For episode 4 , 5 and 6 Oksusu version, are you gonna combine it like the KBS Joy version as well? Because if you do, I’m gonna wait for that version to download. If not, then I’m fine with downloading the Oksusu version. Thank you. 😊

        • seulgisolomon

          We’re eventually going to do it but I’m not sure when… :/

  • Yuki

    ㅠㅠ thank you so much, terimakasih, you are the best guys

  • Shaly

    Awww.. My girls are having so much fun 💕 Thank you so much for the subs

  • Nadia

    Yay red velvet!

  • Izzy

    Niceee thanks guys

  • jennie

    thank youx3

  • Aisyah Najihah

    Thank you for subbing! <3

  • Sharvina

    F(x)’s sobg everywhere. Ooooh my f(velvet) feeeelsss

  • Alex

    Thank You!!! I’ll Miss Joy on this trip!! Wendy Looks very pretty in the black dress!!

  • Michael

    Can someone leave a link to the house they stayed in? Is it on AirBnB?

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