[ENG] 170804 Red Velvet – Level Up! Project Ep. 5



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  • kelly

    thanks to everyone who is working on the subs 💖

  • aayyvee cheng

    YASSSS! Thank you REVEL UP! XOXO

  • Sabrina

    aww poor Irene looked so scared i just wanted to hug her >.<

  • red velvet dude

    thx so much for the subs!!!

  • Xunu

    Thank u revelupsubs team.. u guys are the best 👍👍 wendy surely knows how to have fun 😄😄 #redvelvet #hwaiting

  • Beary

    Love you guys and love the website. Thanks for taking time outta ur day 2 do these. Only if sm would hire you guys. I mean they never translate anything and they are a huge company. U think they would understand that English translation is very important, not only for us native English speaking ppl but for a huge portion of kpop fans that speak English in multiple countries. I believe English is bridging the gap between countries and ppl. Hey ur from Korea im from thailand, or Japan, or Germany but because we know English we can communicate.

  • Letoxx

    After this episode my love for Seulgi (already my second ultimate bias after Taeyeon) just exploded. I LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH! We need to protect all RV members at all cost! They are so precious

  • Syifa

    Thank you so much Revelup subs team. You are the best, fighting! ^^

  • Phyo

    I LOVE THIS WEBSITE ! Keep working guys, LUV U ~ <3

  • Fitzi

    Did i just hear Echosmith? Thanks for the sub

  • bollocks

    I like how Seulgi sounds like an enthusiastic little kid the whole video.

  • Amisha

    Wendy and Yeri are too pure for this world and so are those on the revelup subs team. Revelup subs hwaiting!

  • wrdnxx

    wendy is so funny HAHAHAHA

  • CoffeeTaeng

    I want to thank you guys for the eng sub. I also want to say that i appreciate all the things you have done to RV. You are the blessings for us Isones. Thank you so much

  • ria

    thhaaamkk yyooouu ssoooo mmmucchhhh i love u guys

  • Lena

    Thank you so much Revelsubs! I’m so happy that I can see my Revelies so full of joy :)! Love from Holland

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