[ENG] 170818 Red Velvet – Level Up! Project Ep. 11



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  • Chaoyi

    Thank you so much ^.^

  • ann

    thank you for your hardwork, really appreciate it

  • Niken Nurul Azizah


  • Sabrina

    omg i love seeing irene’s competitive side, she’s so cute

  • Kiki

    Ive been watching my luvies and i think seulgi loves wearing jackets. Bear bear

  • Red Snappah

    No wonder the show got so delayed, they managed to snatch the entire goddamn budget.

  • Dojoon Park

    admin JJANGG!!!!! ^^

  • vizoe

    I am cryiiing… my life will be flat without Red Velvet and Revelup subs T_T

  • justine

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu for your hard work fighting

  • 94lineisbae

    “Are we not allowed to exchange our personal cash” damnn Rich Kid Wendy comin at ya~ and can i just point out how Irene was being so cool when she was explanning their plan yeokshi leader! (i wanna point out a lot of things but i’ll end up making a list lmao) Thank you so much for the subs too <3

  • 94lineisbae

    explaining* lol

  • Pikachulover6


    thanks guys!

  • Marina

    I’m so lame, Irene said my name and I repeated it over 20 times. I’m gonna save an audio file of it.

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