[ENG] 170819 Red Velvet – Level Up! Project Ep. 12



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  • vissa

    I always waiting your sub. thank you for your sub.

  • marggie

    thanks for the subs. ❤

  • Niken Nurul Azizah


  • Annisa

    Thank you ❤ you guys are awesome 😘

  • Tuan anh

    what’s song on 8:37

    • hehehe

      play ugly – akdong musicians

  • m99

    Thank you~

  • 94lineisbae

    Wendy was so cute during the preview tho, her natural aegyo~
    Thx for subbing too ^-^

  • minjong

    What’s the song at 1:05? 🙂

  • Clarence


  • Mae

    thank you for working hard, revelup subs!!! i’ll wait patiently for subs but just take your time!

  • Gumirylyounz


  • Najirsln

    Ep 13?

    • seulgisolomon

      Not done yet.

  • Herotank123

    Will it be possible to make a schedule to show when subbed videos are coming out?

    • seulgisolomon

      No, because we are technically not obliged to make any deadlines. We have been short-staffed for quite some time now. Having deadlines will only burn us out quicker. We’ll upload when we can manage to.

  • refs

    When ep 13 will be aired? I cant wait. I appreciate youu youu all subber ❤❤❤❤

  • Dojoon Park

    eagerly waiting for the next episode.. T.T 재발~~~ ㅠ.ㅠ

  • Kwyn Sy

    when will the eng sub ep 13 and other episodes be available?

    • seulgisolomon

      They will be available when we’re done. I’m not sure when, to be honest. It depends on how available the subbers are. The availability fluctuates day by day, so it’s really hard to give an estimate. And we’re not going to give a specific date, only to miss the deadline, and get more complaints.

  • BlueBear14

    Waitibg for your subs ep 13 ^^

  • Jun

    Well played admin, it’s okay. I’ll be waiting for next eps. Fighting!

    Ah, hope you guys upload in dailymotion too, cause there’s a problem with some viewers that cannot open the video on playervimeo, including me.

    • seulgisolomon

      I’m confused. We’ve always uploaded on Dailymotion. It’s right under the Vimeo video…

      • Jun

        Yep ik, just make it clear tho.

        • seulgisolomon

          Let me know how I can make it clearer because I do not understand how the way we display our Dailymotion videos is unclear. We even write out “Dailymotion” before the video. I am quite confident that most people will not have any problem spotting them. And your original request was to have us upload on Dailymotion, as if you did not notice that we already do. It was not that you knew that we upload on Dailymoton but simply wanted us to make it “clear.” So I am not sure if your complaint was about us not uploading on Dailymotion or not making it any clearer that we are displaying videos on Dailymotion.

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