[ENG] 170824 Red Velvet – Level Up! Project Ep. 13




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  • Htoo

    Thank you so much!

  • Joe

    Poor Wendy, she tried so hard. She’s so cute and does Yeri ever stop eating? The more I see of her the more I love her too. Thank you for the subs

  • AT

    Yay! thank you!

  • Herotank123


  • Jun

    whoa daebak, finally! thanks admin~

  • Jessie


  • lableeeeee

    Yerim the maknae being Yeri, she really can’t stop eating and we can see that the unnies really love her by spoiling her.
    Irene, the leader doing all her best to control and manage their budget.
    Wendy, always make sure that the members and the staff are fine, so carring as always.
    Seulgi, she’s always eating and now I’m wondering, why is her body like that? she is sooo sexy.My bias
    Revelup sub thank you for the effort, you guiz are the best.

  • laundry


  • Supporter

    Dear RevelUp Subber Team, I wanna say thank you so so so much because u (guys and gals) took on your free time to translate and subbing all the videos for us the international fans. All of you are the real MVP. We appreciate all of your hard work and let’s continue supporting our Red Velvet for a long, long time. Also, please take care of your health Team and rest sufficiently. Again, I want to say million of thanks to all of you for the quality subs. 🙂

  • Alex

    Hello everybody!! I just wanna say thank you very much for always working hard and doing everything for our dear Red Velvet. Thank you so much for finding time translating every video they are participating!! We appreciate you and hoping to see you more in our journey!! Let’s all work harder!! Please take care always and always take care of your health first. 💜

  • AbCED

    Thanks Revelup! 🙂

  • David Wright

    Most of Wendy’s pancakes looked perfectly fine to me!

    • seulgisolomon

      I know right? LOL Except for the two burnt ones, I think they were fine. Who cares if they’re not perfect circles hahaha



  • Skywlkr

    I was not a fan of Red Vepvet before. I only started taking interest in them after watching Wendy’s performance of Stay With Me with Chanyeol. Then my friend officially introduced me to this group and urged me to watch their first variety show. I was not disappointed. y weren’t only very talented and beautiful. They also all have unique and wonderful personalities. I especially like Seulgi because of her strong charisma and adventurous streak, also because I myself am an animal lover. I can relate very much to her. Then there’s Wendy with saint-like kindness. I’ve never seen an idol as caring as her. I am so amazed by that. It touched my heart the way she wanted to also take care of the staff. What a great girl. Yeri. Oh what a cute fellow. I like her aegyo. She’s really adorable and the way she stuffs her face with food, oh boy that really is so cute. I like her huge appetite and carefree attitude. Irene is very pretty. Probably the best face of her generation in kpop right now. I like how she always takes care of her members not just because she’s their leader but because she’s their unnie. I hope someday she gets to explore her adventurous side and heal her trauma. There’s so much more she could experience out there. I haven’t seen Joy much, only their performances. It’s a pity she wasn’t able to join her group. It would have been so fun.

    Lastly, thank you Revelup subs team! Thank you for letting us international fans have a peak and understanding of their lives by subbing their shows and videos. We’re blessed to have people like you in the fandom. You’re doing a wonderful job. Your subs are amazing and well done. Even better than most variety shows. More power to you! Neomu neomu kamsahamnida!!

  • ria

    does anyone know the name of the song the sang while cooking? < annd thhankkk u sooo muuccch for the subs love u guys

    • Reveluv Forever

      Play Ugly- Akdong Musician

  • louiepons

    What is that song.? (yeri’s teasing wendy)

  • faris

    first meal at 4pm. haha! they are so adorable <3

  • stewedpuppet

    I have to say, Wendy is so beautiful in bare face with her dorky side. I love her

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