[ENG] 170826 Red Velvet – Level Up! Project Ep. 15



Download: Google Drive (Server 1) | (Server 2) || Mega

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  • asy

    how do i download from vimeo?

    • seulgisolomon

      You can’t download from Vimeo because we have disabled the function. Download from Google Drive or Mega.

  • Lee

    TQSM for your hard working !!! LOVE U !! ^_^

  • Yashrina

    when will the schedule for episode 16? Thankyou sooo much revelupsubs <3

    • seulgisolomon

      If it’s not on the progress sheet, it means we don’t know yet.

  • Bita


  • aupaupchan

    thanks for your hardwork~~~

  • ube

    Thank you so much for your hardwork!!! ^^


    Wendy works hard lmao and Seulgi calling Wendy ‘Seungwan’ is my aesthetic.. basically anyone calling Wendy her korean name hehe. THANK YOUU REVELUPSUBS PD NIM~~

  • wantasticbaeby

    Thank you so much. You are sent from the heavens above!

  • gomdoli_love

    I can’t wait the next episode 😭😍

  • IloveIrene

    You guys probably hear this a lot but Thank you, like really, i can’t understand Korean and having you guys sub everything like a blessing.

    • seulgisolomon

      We can’t hear it enough 😉 Thank you!

  • pomcuter

    Revel up subs is the BEST

  • kirinosaki

    Thank You so much for your posting. It really makes me happy.

  • Yoona kim

    Thank you. More episode pls. Thank u

  • Planeswalker_MTG

    Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work.. Irene Baechul is soo pretty in this LEVELUP Project..
    Honestly, this level up project and your site name revelup is similar lol

  • Bankban

    just noticed Seulgi actually repaired Joy-doll

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