[ENG] 170901 Red Velvet – Level Up! Project Ep. 17



Download: Google Drive (Server 1) | (Server 2) || Mega

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  • Kat

    Ah, seriously, there are no words to express how grateful I am (as the whole int. fandom is most likely) for all your hard work

  • Jess

    I really appreciate the sub. Thank you so much

  • Bangtanedasf

    I’m tearing up at Wendy’s kindness

  • Vicky

    Omg I admire wendy’s kindness so much!! Such pretty heart

  • Leela

    I love how the members specially Wendy,seulgi and Irene care for joy! 😍 They even bought some gifts for her!

  • Fadhila

    I always ask to myself, can i get her and being my partner? if i can’t. Is still any girl who has same character like wendy especially her kindness? such a goddess!!!

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