[ENG] 171123 Red Velvet – Cultwo Show




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  • kpopmonsterr

    why didn’t you cut Ali’s parts? it was so annoying to skip them…

    • seulgisolomon

      I’m sorry you had to go through so much trouble of clicking a few times to skip through the video. It must have been so tough. We didn’t realize how much effort it would take for the viewers who do not care about the other guest in the show to fast forward. We will take note of it next time. We will cut every scene that doesn’t have to do with RV from now on. Who needs to listen to MCs asking Red Velvet questions? They’re going to answer and you can infer what the questions were anyway. Less work for us, less work for you. Yay!

      • IloveRevelUpSubs

        Don’t listen to those guys, ignore them, we love the work you all do for us.

    • Fynn

      Uggggh roasted so bad

  • Letoxx

    That roast was so good I could taste the BBQ sauce on my tongue.

    I love your work guys without you we international fans would totally be lost. Thanks a million and I would give a million if I would have one to spare

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