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[Notice] We are sorry to announce that the release date of Level Up! Project Season 2 episodes 37-39 has been delayed to February 23rd for a better quality. We truly appreciate your understanding and patience. #ThrowbackThursday

[ENG] 180213 Red Velvet (레드벨벳) Show Champion Behind
🔗1: https://t.co/piNxpdItdz
🔗2: https://t.co/ya6o0kf7ML
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Credits: @seulgisolomon @_HeavenDelight_ @mildcaper @Albur05

[ENG] 180207 Red Velvet (레드벨벳) FM Date Radio
🔗1: https://t.co/VeUsSwE9Fh
🔗2: https://t.co/2Vb5PS121K
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Credits: @_HeavenDelight_ @_dumbdumb_ @zzero517 @AlwaysYerimie @seulwans @mildcaper @thekangseulgi @seuIrim @seulgisolomon

[ENG] 180217 Red Velvet (레드벨벳) Level Up! Project Season 2 Ep. 36
🔗1: https://t.co/oKZ7l0IXFn
🔗2: https://t.co/gHOQms7bOv
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@zzero517 @_dumbdumb_ @_HeavenDelight @dauntlessjoo @Albur05 @mildcaper @WanDerfulShon @redbeubet @chase_457 @seulgisolomon

[ENG] 180216 Red Velvet (레드벨벳) Level Up! Project Season 2 Ep. 35
🔗1: https://t.co/4FSNh5go2E
🔗2: https://t.co/vgGbgM9m2Z
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@_dumbdumb_ @zzero517 @YERI_the_Fairy @mildcaper @dauntlessjoo @WanDerfulShon @cocokiitie @Albur05 @chase457 @seulgisolomon

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