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Hi guys! Many of you have enquired about whether RVUS takes donations, which we didn’t, as we are not-for-profit and we sub for the girls and the fans purely out of passion.

However, with the increasing strikes on our YouTube channels, we rely heavily on Google Drive and Vimeo for hosting our videos. Therefore, we decided that a paid monthly subscription to Google Drive and Vimeo is a good solution to hosting, backing up, and managing broken links to our subbed videos so that everyone can access them in the long run.

As such, we are now opening the floor for donations! We seek to do it in a most transparent and accountable way: a running list of donors and amounts will be accessible publicly, and accounts for RVUS’s operations will be cross-checked and overseen by the four admins.

These are some of the ways we may use the donations for:

  • Subscribe to 1TB storage on Google Drive (Top priority)
  • Subscribe to Plus membership on Vimeo (Top priority)
  • Keep our domain name for easier access (
  • Maintain/upgrade our website (for faster load times, etc.)
  • Red Velvet support (e.g. donating under their name)
  • Programs needed to encode and edit our videos

Click on the provided buttons above to donate.

Do participate if you can! We’ll be using it wisely for the girls and to improve ReVelUp Subs. Thank you for the support and we’ll continue to bring you quality subs for Red Velvet!

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  • Briceida I
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  • Hung T
  • Irinel G
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  • Jefferson Y
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  • Muhammad H
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  • Patrick M
  • Qin G
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