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Name : Rean
Gender : Female
Age : Ancient
Horoscope : N/A
Ethnicity : Eurasian
Country of Residence : RV’s closet
When and how did you become a fan?: Since ICC era. Clearly I was mesmerized by Wendy’s “Oh vanilla chocolate honey with a cherry on top” part. Then I googled their other songs and ever since I listened to HAPPINESS, I knew I had fallen for Son Seungwan because “shine one me~ let in shine on me yeah~ let it shiii*cough* *cough* (sorry)
Why did you decide to work with RVUS?: Because they’re so dedicated! But mostly because they promised me a life insurance. Oh and besides that, I have a super sneaky dongsaeng who loves Seulgi, like a lot. Imagine when he’s trying to trick or bully or manipulate me, I can ask Joseph to help me by banning him from every RVUS’s channel. Best decision ever. (Why do I have a feeling that they’re gonna be ganging up on me instead)
Bias: Wendy (obviously)

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