ninefourlineCo-Founder, Translator, Timer, Typesetter

Name: TY
Gender: Human
Age: Old enough~
Horoscope: Gemini
Ethnicity: ReVeluv-ian
Country of Residence: ReVeland
When and how did you become a fan?: 2015 around Dumb Dumb era~ I was bored during term break, and the girls happened to come back with Dumb Dumb then, so I started watching their videos, and the rest is history >D
Why did you decide to work with RVUS?: There wasn’t an active Red Velvet dedicated subbing team then, and I really wanted to let more people know about Red Velvet, so I first approached Joseph wanting to help him out when he was solo subbing. Not long after, Rae, Aaron and Joseph approached me with the idea of forming a subbing team and ta-dah! RVUS came into existence~!
Bias: Wendy (B-but…Seulgi…)

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