RevelSoshi_RKKTimer, Typesetter

Name: Ken
Gender: Mango
Age: Park Sooyoung
Horoscope: Aries
Ethnicity: Chinese-Filipino
Residence: GMT +8
When and how did you become a fan? Around April 2016? OOTN Era! Heard of them since debut but didn’t watched anything until that x2 Dumb Dumb in WI. I tried searching for their videos and Wendy’s English killed me 😍
Why did you decide to work with RVUS? Chatted with Joseph and feels like they’re shorthanded. I’ve always been interested in joining a subbing team too so I asked if I could help out, applied and got in! 😀
Bias: Whichever member I’m looking at (but Wendy though…..)

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