tinytushyGraphics Designer

Name: Acee (에이씨)
Gender: Female
Age: 21 (96-liner)
Horoscope: Libra
Ethnicity: Filipino
Country of Residence: Philippines
When and how did you become a fan?: SM Rookie girls first caught my attention in 2013 when their promotional pictures were released. I didn’t know they’d invade my life and be a big part of it the following year as Red Velvet. 2014 came and Happiness happened. Let’s just say I was immediately snatched by their lovely smiles and colorful hair. Ever since then you just keep finding things about these girls that make you love them even more.
Why did you decide to work with RVUS?: I wanted to improve my skills in graphic design and I wanted to offer my services to the fandom. Red Velvet continues to inspire me to make things prettier every day.
Bias: I CANNOT DECIDE. I talk about Irene and Wendy a lot but I love all of them just the same and I keep fawning over a different member every day. I’m going OT5 all the way.

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