Name: Antik
Gender: Female
Age: N/A
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Ethnicity: ReVeluvian
Country of Residence: Indonesia
When and how did you become a fan?: 2017 but I already know them since 2015 (I just know their title track, and I like Dumb Dumb). I love “wish tree” but I have no idea that the song is sung by RV back then. I become a fan since goodbye stage rookie. Then when I knew “wish tree” is sung by red velvet, I stan them. I really love their colors vocal. And now I love all of about them
Why did you decide to work with RVUS?: Because you guys really worked hard. and i want to be part of it. i want to worked hard for red velvet. I want to help them, thats why I learn about Aegisub. Yes, I just learn it because I want to help this team so much, so I’m still lacking hehe. RVUS help a lot of international luvies so much. I wanted to help them to help others luvies watch anything about RV with English sub. So it feels like you all help them do the promotion for international luvies 🙂
Bias: Wendy

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